“Had the privilege of crashin out in the quaint town of weed, CA last night. #roadtrip”

mophie le regaló a Chris una carcaza en el sxsw. http://ift.tt/1iWQdai

If you want to sing out, sing out (Cat Stevens Cover) 

oh shit... this perfect face...

happy 23rd birthday, Christofer Drew Ingle! (2/11/14)

I am so proud of this boy. He has come so far and I am so happy that I have been here for the ride. Even though there have been some rough patches he always makes it through. Happy 23rd Birthday Chris, hope it is a fantastic one. ♥


What is Valentine’s Day? February is all about a wonderful soul being born. A soul that is pure, that makes hearts beat thousands of times per minute… I can blabber about how wonderful he is, like every other year that I do. My edit isn’t as wonderful this year but you can still feel the love in this post…each year we celebrate a wonderful birth. He’s finally 23 years old, he’s growing old each day and as he grows so does his music and heart. Words can never describe what fans go through when they see their idol grow. There is no other person like him, and today we shall celebrate his birth, we shall be joyful today and spam his feeds with cute stuff like this one because that’s the least he deserves. He might not see all the wonderful things we wish him and all our emotions being spoken in this post, but I know you guys that are reading this feel the same way. Today is a happy day, today it is our idol’s birthday and that’s a birthday we shall celebrate each year together.
Happy 23rd Birthday Christofer Drew. 
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